There are several ways we support access to the information our website, including for people who are blind or have low vision, or who are d/Deaf or hard of hearing, or with other disabilities or needs. We use image descriptions, both built-in and visible to everyone, make choices about text size and colors, subtitle our videos, and provide video descriptions and transcripts, among other things. For more about web accessibility, see Web AIM (Accessibility In Mind) for an overview, or the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative for lots more details, or search “WCAG” (web content accessibility guidelines) or “a11y” (a shorthand for “accessibility”).

Below you’ll find verbal description files for videos uploaded or shared through the VSA Vermont webpage. “Verbal descriptions” are designed to provide highlights of the visual part of the video as well as text of the captioning correlated with the names, titles and organizations of the speakers. Each list entry also has a link to the video in question and the page on which it appears.


You can also read or listen to the audio tours of the Engage Exhibition on the Engage Audio Tours page.