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Audio tours include label information for all artwork, artist statements, and audio description of 23 of the works presented. A sample audio description is below. In addition to playing the audio here, each audio clip can be downloaded and played in your own media player.

A complete list of artwork with thumbnails is available and the stop numbers can be downloaded in large print format (PDF, Microsoft Word) as well.

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Audio descriptions for the Engage Exhibition were created by Michelle Bailey, Gwendolyn Evans, Heidi Pfau, Janet Van Fleet, Elizabeth Wilcox and Kerrie Workman, with assistance from Celia Hughes.

Painting by Alexis KyriakAudio Description: Rainforest Nude

Artist: Alexis Kyriak

Label Information: Rainforest Nude, acrylic on canvas: 36″ x 24″

Description: Alexis Kyriak’s untitled Acrylic on Canvas painting is 32 inches tall and 24 inches wide. There is a soft-edged quality to the paint in this piece, combined with a clarity and intensity of pigment that is reminiscent of pastel. In the upper half of the painting is a female figure, shown from the waist up in Caucasian flesh tones. Her face, looking left, is rounded but featureless, except for an ear and a mass of frizzy brown hair falling over, and obscuring, her right shoulder and breast. Above, and perhaps intertwined with the hair, hangs a branch with leaves illuminated from behind. On the right, her shoulder and arm suddenly terminate in a rounded black shape. The breast next to the truncated arm has a red nipple covered by a dark shadow that continues on the underside of the breast. Sweeping up from a forest-green triangle in the lower left half of the painting, is a series of lines, each larger at the bottom and narrower at the top, that suggests the trailing edge of a bird’s wing or the pleats or gatherings of a skirt, with the smaller ends stopping in a dark space between the shadowed breast and the stump of the figure’s left arm.

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