Alternative Formats for Print Information

  • Audio tour featuring:
    • Label information for all artwork
    • Artists statements
    • Audio descriptions for 23 works in the Engage Exhibition
  • Print information in:
    • Braille
    • Large print
    • Electronic formats

Tactile Elements

  • Dr. John raised relief outline demonstrating cubism
    • full sized and 8-1/2″ x 11″
  • Blue Pods and Red Pods collage materials
    • in cardboard box, delicate – not for large groups
  • Solitary Communion
    • mixed media painting with polymer clay figures
  • Rainforest Nude, Matron: acrylic paint
    • on canvas
    • on paper

More About Engage Exhibition Accessibility

The Engage traveling exhibition included:

A table of accessibility icons and their descriptions.
Icon Description
Limited Mobility Accessible Wheelchair access
Sign Language Interpretation Sign language interpretation
Large Print Large print
Braille Braille
Audio Description for TV, Video and Film Audio description
Access to Low Vision Access for people who are blind or have low vision