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Painting by Steve ChaseAudio Description: Dr. John
Artist: Steve Chase
Label Information: Dr. John oil pastel 18″ x 24″
Description: Dr. John, by Steve Chase, oil pastel, 24″ tall by 18″ wide. This portrait is executed in the style called Cubism, in which the surfaces of objects are depicted as geometrical planes. The artist has applied the oil pastel vigorously and thickly, layering one color over another in many places. The portrait is of a man, seen from the chest up, wearing a suit jacket and tie. Dr. John’s head and shoulders are shown with many small triangular and rectilinear patches, colored in intense shades of red, green, yellow and blue. His almond-shaped eyes are light blue and his right eye looks off to the right, while his left eye looks down. His mouth is a thin, straight line curved slightly downwards and his chin has small, irregular patches of pink and black. There are two areas in which a bright yellow predominate. One is the right lapel of his jacket, where stripes of yellow are mixed with green lines, and the other is his prominent forehead, where the application of pigment is a bit looser and less hard-edged. The bright yellow over his eyebrows is joined above by a patch of blue and green over his right eye; over Dr. John’s left eye the artist has drawn a green downward-pointing triangle outlined in pink on an irregular red patch, perhaps drawing attention to the downward-cast eye below.

VSA Vermont, a statewide non-profit 501.c.3 organization devoted to arts and disability, is pleased to present Engage, a touring juried exhibition showcasing works of art by Vermont artists with various disabilities. Over the course of this multi-year project, chosen artworks will be exhibited in a variety of cultural venues.

Participating cultural venues will be physically accessible and the exhibit, Engage, also will provide accessible program and communication features. The Engage initiative will offer participating artists opportunities to be featured in statewide publicity, to build larger audiences for their work, and to receive technical assistance in the professional documentation and presentation of their work. VSA Vermont’s exhibit will bring people with and without disabilities together to Engage in the experience of art.

12/27/2009Audio Description: 12/27/2009
Artist: Emma Walker
Label Information: 12/27/2009, Pen and ink on mat board, 11″ x 8
Description: This is a pen and ink work on mat board. It is black and white with various shades of lightness and darkness. At first, giving overall structure to the piece, you recognize the general shape of a rectangle that instead of being traditionally shaped, is cinched in the middle, similar to an hour glass shaped torso. There are no straight lines in this work – the cinched shape is filled with and formed from countless small, medium, and large spirals that are created from the dark and light dots. These spiral swirls define and fill the entire cinched-rectangular shape. Each swirl is similar to the shape of a rounded snail or conch-shape. The black and white swirls that form the shape give the effect similar to mirror imaging; the top half perfectly reflecting the bottom half. Some of the swirls have a wider space between them, which gives this spiral-filled piece a sense of aliveness, like the swarming of a hive.

VSA Vermont is a member of the VSA Affiliate Network, a program of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. VSA Vermont also receives support for this program from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Press Release

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Materials in Large Print Format

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