Brightly costumed Taiko drummers.

Four adults from Burlington Taiko wearing red headbands and red t-shirts under navy blue aprons with large white Japanese characters, hold drumsticks in each hand, arms raised, legs braced for energetic drumming. A young boy in a striped t-shirt casually walking next to the performance.

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Your business, corporation, or organization can support VSA Vermont and inclusive arts by becoming a sponsor of BOOM VT.  $150 and $300 packages are available.

Public Relations: Promotion of BOOM VT will include a variety of media:

  • Print: brochures, posters, banners, newsletters, press releases, newspaper stories, programs, and more
  • Web: website, e-blasts (3,000+ people), FacebookTwitter, etc.
  • Television: public service announcements and interviews
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For more information on how to become a sponsor, contact or or 802-871-5043.