Six children stand with drumsticks over six drums.

In front of a stage, school aged children stand with drumsticks in hand, ready to start playing. Behind them on the stage and off to the right are lines of other drums. Splashes of red on children’s t-shirts and on the drums that surround them give the photo a festive feeling.

Participate or Volunteer

Participate:  When you come to the FREE BOOM VT Drum Festival, you can participate on whatever level you are comfortable with.  Bring your own drum if you have one. If you don’t have a drum, come and make one.  Learn some basic drumming techniques.  Listen to experts talk about the history of drumming.  Participate in an art project related to drums and drumming.

There is no admission cost to attend the BOOM VT Drum Festival.  We rely on attendees to make an offering in support of the event.  Your donation helps us provide inclusive arts education programs that engage people of all abilities.  You can donate at the door or  make a secure donation before BOOM VT via PayPal.

Volunteer:  We are looking for all kinds of volunteers for BOOM VT.  If you’ve got some time and lots of enthusiasm to drum up interest in BOOM VT, we want to talk to you.  We are looking for volunteers at every stage of this event:

  • Recruiting Drummers and Groups
  • Helping with Marketing and Public Relations
  • Distributing Posters and Signs
  • Assisting in the Drum Making and Drumming Instruction Workshops
  • Selling Merchandise at the Event
  • Setting up or Cleaning up after the Event
  • And more!!!!

If you would like to discuss volunteer opportunities, please contact Heidi Swevens, Volunteer Coordinator, at