A smiling woman, seated, shakes a gourd drum.

A woman seated in a wheelchair turns her head to listen to the beads on a gourd drum she is shaking while an assistant leans over smiling with hands out to catch the drum

Experience the magic. Share the joy. VSA Vermont (VSA VT) presents a variety of 6 or 8 week adult arts education programs designed to engage participants with disabilities as they discover talents, learn new skills, and express creativity. Through art genres like photography, print making, textiles and dance, the exploration of abilities is highlighted. Classroom instruction and encouragement extend whenever possible into opportunities for community acknowledgment.

“Look at that! Something from nothing!”

Card-making at Springfield Adult Day Services

VSA VT’s skilled artists trained in inclusive teaching methods can come to you too! Service organizations like adult day centers, homeless shelters and agencies serving people with developmental disabilities contract with VSA VT in communities throughout the state.

For more information about VSA VT’s Adult Arts Education Programs, contact us.

Sample Adult Arts Education 8-week Programs

Two women proudly hold brightly colored print.

Cathy Ward, Burlington City Arts instructor for a VSA VT class, helps proud artist, Sandy Cadorette, to hold her triptych print in which the middle panel, an abstract collage in grayscale with Sandy’s name, is flanked by freestyle drawn figures on bright orange and purple ink washes.

Introduction to Textile Arts with Toby MacNutt

The art of textiles is, in part, the creation of yarns and fabrics. It has a long, rich history worldwide. In this class, participants will make a simple frame loom, dye yarns, and learn the basics of weaving. We’ll explore different weaving techniques. We will learn how to work with color and texture. In addition we will learn interesting techniques to use with a finished cloth to create a piece of fiber art. No prior experience necessary!

Shooting Beautiful pictures with photographer Dawn O’Connell

The power of photography is about capturing the essence and feeling of what is around you in an image. In this class you’ll be exposed to many different kinds of photographs and will learn how to take your own on 35mm SLR cameras. This class is open to people interested in developing their artistic expression using photography.

Adventures in Singing with Mark Pekar

Let’s sing our way through American History! We’ll sing together everything from Traditional Folk Songs to the Music of Elvis and the Beatles, Festive Songs and Sing Alongs!

Quotes From Our Participants

Bill Villemaire working clay at a wheel.

Dressed in a bright blue sweatshirt covered by a bold color block apron of green, white and orange, Bill Villemaire concentrates with hands poised just above a clay wheel in a VSA VT class at Burlington City Arts as a new bowl rises.

“Why do I feel like good things keep happening to me?”Bill Villemaire at the ending ceremony of a VSA Adult Arts class

“I just loved it. You never know what you can do until do it – by feel, mostly.”

One Springfield woman age 94 in a clay class said, “I can’t believe I really made these. In all my life I have never made anything like this.”

“I like the teacher. I like the people in the class. I like the funny songs.”

A mosaic of stained glass fish.

A large ruby and emerald colored fish swims in the foreground near two smaller fish that are coral and white striped in a sea of lovely shades of blue and green above waving gold seaweed in this stained glass window made in VSA VT’s class in Burlington for people attending the HowardCenter Developmental Services Resource Room.

Program Cost

VSA VT arts education for children is offered at no cost to program participants. Organizations wishing to bring VSA VT classes to people receiving their services pay a fee to VSA VT to present the program at their site. For more information on fee structures, contact us.

Find Funds for VSA VT Education Programs

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