VSA Vermont (VSA VT) presents art-making and instructional workshops for the public at conferences, schools, community celebrations and for organizations seeking professional development for their staff members.

A boy sits backwards on horseback holding up a long paintbrush.

A boy at Pease Farm in Middlesex reaches out with his paintbrush from the back of a brown horse to a container of paint and a canvas held next to the horse by smiling adult helpers in VSA VT’s arts education program.

In recent years, VSA VT has provided arts activities to raise public awareness about inclusive arts at the Sara Holbrook Festival of Cultures, for the Imani Cultural Center’s annual family celebration, for the MS Society of Vermont’s annual walk-a-thon and at the Special Olympics. VSA VT’s Awareness Theater Company director, Emily Anderson, has presented workshops on engaging people who are non-verbal or who have developmental disabilities in theater on college campuses such as Goddard College and Burlington College. VSA VT’s Start With The Arts Training Coordinator, Peggy Rainville, and VSA VT’s Executive Director, Judith Chalmer, co-presented a workshop on working with program partners for the annual Vermont Collaboration Conference.

“The experience was inspiring, entertaining and deeply moving.”

Awareness Theater Company workshop at Burlington College

Workshops in conjunction with VSA VT performances allow audience members to engage in an interactive way with the material presented. For instance, each performance of the VSA VT tour of Gail Schwartz’s one-woman show, “Crazy,” included a discussion and creative expressions workshop. After one performance and accompanying workshop Yasmine Ziesler, Coordinator of Academic Services at Community College of Vermont said, “The breadth and depth of student engagement during the performance and follow-up discussion and workshop was the strongest I’ve ever seen.”

VSA VT also offers workshops in conjunction with partner organizations to individuals for professional development. In recent years, artists, health care providers and individuals with disabilities have had the opportunity to participate in workshops by the Axis Dance Company and dancer Maureen Fleming in conjunction with performances at the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts. Organizations seeking to partner with VSA VT to include people with disabilities in their workshops and to promote skills for community inclusion with workshops can contact us.

To book a workshop by a VSA VT artist, board or staff member, contact us.