Young adults stand at a counter use swimming noodles dipped in paint to create varied works of art.

Staff members of the Boys & Girls Club of Burlington paint with swimming noodles after reading a book about elephants painting as part of a Professional Development training to learn creative ways to link art to language development.

VSA Vermont (VSA VT) offers Professional Development (PD) training to educators including preschool and classroom teachers, artist-educators, student interns, recreational directors and others who want to make use of the power of the arts to engage whole classrooms and whole communities, with opportunities for all to find their best expressive modes.

“I don’t think I would have perceived the depth of my student’s understanding of concepts in the past. I feel like a whole different teacher. It freed me up to have more fun in my job. Once each child is learning or expressing knowledge in a way that works for them, your classroom management as a teacher is done for you. Engagement!”

3rd grade elementary school teacher

In 2009, VSA Vermont (VSA VT) received a national Award for Excellence in Professional Development for Start With The Arts preschool educator training from the national VSA network.

VSA VT is also available for workshops and consultation with groups seeking training in inclusive arts practices including marketing as well as arts education and presentation. We also offer resources on inclusive language, adapting arts materials for people with disabilities, and finding role models.

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Deputies of Delight: professional development mini-documentary
Download a supplemental document that is designed to provide highlights of the visual part of the video as well as text of the captioning correlated with the names, titles and organizations of the speakers. This document is also available in Large Print.

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