In Education, Cultural Access, Professional Development and Public Awareness, VSA Vermont (VSA VT) partners with community organizations to bring a powerful combination of resources to our mission. Some of our community partners provide venues for education programs, performances and exhibitions. Some provide recruitment of participants for arts programs among people who make use of their services. Some provide funding to make arts opportunities available to all. Some provide training to our instructors. In turn, VSA VT provides skilled arts instruction to people affiliated with partnering agencies, the joyful products of arts for display and public awareness of the important work our partnering agencies offer communities, and the availability of using the arts as a means of advocacy.

“Champlain Community Services truly values its partnership with VSA VT. Classes they coordinate with working artists in our community offer our consumers opportunities for creative self-expression that are both meaningful and enjoyable. As an organization offering supports to people with developmental disabilities in our community, we particularly appreciate the mutual connections between Champlain Community Services and the wider community this partnership facilitates. From visiting studios and galleries to working with local artists and dancers to chances to perform and exhibit art work in the community, we are glad to have this powerful partnership.” Kelley Homiller, Executive Director Champlain Community Services, Inc. Colchester VT

Benchmarks for a Better Vermont: Why We Use Results-Based Accountability

VSA Vermont participated in the first cohort of the Performance Institute of Benchmarks for a Better Vermont, in partnership with Common Good and Marlboro College. Judy and Toby appear in a video about our experience and why we use the Results-Based Accountability strategy we learned there, below. A verbal description (.docx) is available for this video.

Recent VSA VT Program Partners