Start With The Arts to add Family Engagement to our Award-winning Program

We’re so proud of Start With The Arts childcare providers, Erica Brooks, Erin McKechnie, Nancy Munn, and Linda Sweeney, and Start With The Arts teaching-artists, Cheryl Wells and Lisa Condino, who used skills learned in Facilitative Leadership training and from their participation in Start With The Arts to help us design a new professional development opportunity for childcare providers. Along with VSA Vermont’s Director of Children’s Programming, Peggy Rainville, and VSA Vermont’s Executive Director, the team has created a professional development model intended for childcare providers who have graduated from Start With The Arts in engaging families in arts-based literacy activities. As some of the participating childcare providers said, “I’m closer to my families. The trust is on a different level. I moved out of my comfort zone and I’m problem solving with parents… I think I can tackle almost anything. Hand me something. With a little support I can do it.” Many thanks to the A.D. Henderson Foundation for supporting the development of this new project to increase family-child engagement in arts-based literacy.