The Year in Review

VSA Vermont’s fiscal year runs from October 1st to September 30th. At the end of each year, we take a look at all that we have done and accomplished. Our activity map below shows where we provided our programs and services in 2014-2015. We are especially proud of our accomplishments this past year:

Engaging Families in our Pre-K Arts-based Literacy Program

This year we deepened our Start With The Arts (SWTA) Pre-K arts-based literacy program by providing Facilitative Leadership training to childcare providers who have graduated from our program so they can create a family engagement curriculum, deepening their work and bringing the joy of arts-based literacy into children’s homes.

Mentoring for High School Students with Disabilities

VSA Vermont has taken the next step in bridging school and community for young adults with disabilities by establishing a mentoring program with intergenerational creative connections. Students with disabilities are matched with adults with disabilities, and together they connect with local cultural organizations. VSA VT is helping cultural organizations build their capacity to welcome people with disabilities in various capacities: interns, volunteers, staff members, or artists.

Engaging Students with Behavioral Challenges

For over 2 years, VSA Vermont teaching-artist, Lisa Condino, has been working with students with behavioral challenges at the Baird School, successfully collaborating with classroom teachers in activities that use arts-integration and Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to improve student engagement and social interactions in the classroom. In FY16, we will expand training resources so more teaching-artists can work in trauma-informed classrooms and with students with behavioral challenges.

Awards and Presentations

At the June 4th Turrell Children’s Day, VSA Vermont was joyfully surprised to be recognized as a finalist for the S. Whitney Landon Awards for our Start With The Arts Program. VSA VT teaching-artist Lisa Condino and David McIntyre, a Baird School teacher, gave a successful workshop–Arts to Smarts: Integrative Arts Engagement–at the June 22-25 BEST Institute’s Summer Conference in Killington, VT. VSA VT staff and community partners presented at this year’s VSA Intersections! Conference in Virginia from August 3-4; their presentation was entitled Pathways to Partnership: How organizations share resources to support inclusive teaching with UDL and arts integration.

Moving to New Digs

On June 1st VSA VT moved from Winooski to a new office in Essex Junction. Our new space is bright and cheery and provides improved building accessibility, private offices, as well as a shared meeting space. Please come and visit us! At VSA Vermont, Art Beats For All!

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