Mentoring Program: Meet a Match!

Meet Sasha and Noah, a mentoring pair from VSA Vermont!

VSA Vermont presents a groundbreaking new mentoring program matching adults with disabilities and youth with disabilities to participate in the arts together. These intergenerational connections foster pairs’ community engagement, creative self-expression, and enjoyment of the arts, while easing the transition of graduation for emerging young adults. The program also includes technical assistance to cultural venues wishing to welcome more people with disabilities. For more information, application forms, and additional videos, see the High School Program page.

You can download a supplemental document that is designed to provide highlights of the visual part of the video as well as text of the captioning correlated with the names, titles and organizations of the speakers. It is in large print format. Verbal Description for “Meet a Match” (.DOCX) –>

A young woman at an Aha! painting class reaches into a red bucket.

With a backdrop of a hay bale and a large painted easel pad, a young woman wearing a green t-shirt with stamped horse shoe prints on it reaches into a red bucket, gazing down at the unseen object she is about to take out, while making art at a barn as part of a VSA VT education program.

“VSA Arts theater changed my whole life. Now the door is open. All you have to do is walk in.” Bill Villemaire

Wherever Vermonters are seeking to find their voices or to participate in arts events, VSA Vermont (VSA VT) can help. No matter where you live, no matter your age or ability, we would like to hear from you. VSA VT uses the magic of the arts to engage the capabilities and enhance the confidence of children and adults with disabilities. Let us know how we can make the arts a bridge to new communication and experience for you.

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A bulky black and white cow stands on a hillside of red, purple and yellow.

In this award winning painting by Jacob Potwin of Randolph, brilliant colors define a hilly landscape in which a large cow stands at the right hand edge of the painting, gazing at the viewer.

“I support VSA because through art we can all share our dreams and hopes, transcending our differences, no matter where life’s journey has taken us.”Susan Ritz