Can Do Arts

VSA Vermont presents Can Do Arts as a series of 8-week courses presenting a variety of artistic genres for adults with disabilities designed to help class members discover their strongest expressive means and offer opportunities for community acknowledgment.

"Look at that! Something from nothing!"

Card-making at Springfield Adult Day Services

Service organizations such as adult day centers, homeless shelters and agencies serving people with developmental disabilities can contract with VSA Vermont to bring skilled artists trained in inclusive methods to their own community settings to teach in a variety of artistic genres. For more information on bringing VSAVT to people using your services, contact us.

Recent Examples

"So, you're interested in Awareness Theater!"
Howard Resource Center

Emily Anderson, Director of VSA Vermont's Awareness Theater Company, is often asked "How do people get involved in ATC?". This class will answer that question and much more. During the 8-week class which will be taught by Emily and Assistant ATC Director, Edward Burke, participants will learn the history of ATC, play ATC theater games, learn ATC show making techniques and perform an original show in a local performance space on the last day of class.

Hand Drumming with VSA Vermont Instructor, Bruce McKenzie

Come experience the power of hand drumming, a musical art which many cultures have enjoyed for thousands of years. In this course you will learn the basics of various tones and techniques of hand drumming based on African principles. Bruce McKenzie will guide you through exercises and improvisation in a group setting. No prior experience necessary. Come ready to feel the beat of your own drum and the power of the group playing together!

"At first I didn’t think that the person I was assisting would be interested in sewing, but he loved it! Everyone’s projects came out great – very unique."

Sewing a work of art at Champlain Community Services

Books and Cooks with VSA Vermont Instructor, Peter Burns

We will come together each Friday afternoon to cook a healthy and delicious light meal and then read a book about it. We will learn basic cooking and baking techniques as we enjoy such classics as ‘If You Give a Mouse a Muffin,’ ‘Chicken Soup with Rice,’ ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and ‘Pancake, Pancake.’ The reading will be supplemented by storytelling, riddles, jokes, magic tricks, tongue twisters, games and other family fun. This is a class to nourish your body, enrich your mind and widen your cultural horizons.

PlayBack Theatre with VSA Vermont instructor, Jen Kristel

Playback theatre is a form of improvisational theatre that brings to life the stories of people in the audience. A person tells a moment from their life, and actors on stage play it back using sound, movement, spoken word and theatre techniques. Anyone can do this! All people of any acting skill are welcome. We will practice: Acting skills, listening skills ,connecting with each other as performers, how to act spontaneously and improvisationally, accepting people’s stories, and learning the forms for Playback Theatre.

Clay Sculpture with VSA Vermont Instructor Bonnie Stearns

Get your hands into some clay. In this class you’ll try different hand-building techniques including coil, pinch and slab construction. Bring your ideas and your imagination and together we’ll develop some interesting products. Possibilities include: bowls, cups, animals, boxes, tiles and more. "It was very impressive to take a piece of clay and mold it and get whatever you want.

Musical/Comedy Theater Variety Show with VSA Vermont Instructor, Emily Anderson

In this exploratory trio of workshops we’ll improvise acts for a variety show that we’ll be rehearsing and taking on the road in July. Those who love humor, boisterous music and insightful dancing should definitely consider participating.